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Charges and remissions policy appendix A

Charges and remissions policy

Appendix A

This appendix should be read in conjunction with the ‘Charges and Remission Policy’, which can be found within the Trust policies section of our website.

Appendix A

Co-op Academy Nightingale - charges and remissions

At Co-op Academy Nightingale we will charge for:

  • After school provision
  • Annual year 6 residential trip heavily subsidised
  • Voluntary donations for education visits (although no child will be excluded if parents and carers are unable to contribute)
  • damaged or lost learning resources, such as home reading books

At Co-op Academy we will not charge for:

  • Breakfast club
  • Education resources provided during school hours
  • Extra-curricular clubs (after school hours and during the holidays)
  • School jumper and book bag when a child first joins our school

Please note that neither list above is exhaustive and may change over time. However, parents and carers will be informed prior to any changes.

Reviewed: November 2022

To be reviewed by: Annually

Review by: Philip, Headteacher

Reviewed Sept 2023

Review by Beverley Blanchfield  

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